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Typically, Ms. Rabbit would prefer a rich businessperson over a penniless but pretty rogue; this is because the female Rabbit truly does enjoy the finer things in life and the former will be able to provide her with luxuries which are often a necessary part of her existence. If Ms. Rabbit is a self-made woman, however, she will prefer a wealthy partner over a poorer one, but only if the poorer one in question is a bit of a freeloader.

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The female Rabbit would consider this to be crass and want no part of it in her life. Anyone who displays insensitivity or boorishness in this area will swiftly be shown the door. Overall, both male and female Rabbits of the Chinese Zodiac make wonderful romantic partners for they are firm advocates of beauty, luxury and harmony, which make for a very pleasant partnership indeed. Neither like conflict, so arguments and rows will be at a minimum, though their partner must watch out for passive-aggressive behaviour and try to appease them when they are having a sulk.

These signs all have the same love of harmony and the same dislike of conflict; a match usually yields a happy partnership, free of strife or struggle. However, because the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit is such a placid and easy-going character, they can also make good partners for more passionate and dynamic signs such as Tigers and Dragons.

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The Rabbit is strongly advised to stay away from the Rooster, and vice versa. In the Circle of Conflict, the Rabbit and Rooster stand directly opposite each other, demonstrating their very different natures and beliefs. Above all else, the Rabbit values etiquette. This is something the Rabbit simply cannot bear, and the Rooster, in turn, will find it both offensive and ridiculous that the Rabbit is refined to the point of stiffness.

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A match is ill-advised, even with ascendant-friendly animals. Because Rabbits are such well-mannered and well-spoken individuals, they tend to be excellent at diplomacy and as mediators. Therefore, they do very well as counsellors, psychiatrists, statesmen, accountants, librarians, and within the financial and business sector. They are very good at sustaining the same role for a long period of time, preferring the stability of a nine-to-five role as opposed to flexible work or hopping from one job to the other.

Rabbits tend to be quite fortunate in their careers because they have the type of easy-going persona that is valued in companies and corporations.

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Rabbits prefer roles where they can use their excellent diplomatic and people-friendly skills to help build companies, as opposed to leading them themselves. Rabbits tend to never want for money because they are hard workers whose main concern is being comfortable in life.

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They enjoy luxury and are willing to work hard to get it. It is very rare to see a Chinese Zodiac Rabbit on job benefits or borrowing money left, right and centre. While they are fond of money, they can only really relax when they know they have enough money in the bank for all their creature comforts. This is why, even if a Rabbit dislikes their job, they will wake up every morning and perform their duties diligently, to ensure their bank account balance is always ready for the most important thing: comfort. Though not lavish with money, Rabbits are known to splash out every now and then in order to indulge their whims.

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A massage here, a spa there, a weekend away there, a fancy restaurant here. This is a common practice to the Rabbit native, and one they like to share with friends and family alike. Perhaps the sturdiest and most robust of all the Rabbits, the Metal Rabbit of the Chinese Zodiac will delve into conflict more readily than the others.

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  • Highly intelligent and logical, this Rabbit has strong ambitions and can be quite ruthless in her desire to achieve them. However, this desire is often hidden by their cool intellect. Art is a great emotional inspiration for the Metal Rabbit. Though not overly concerned with the opinions of others, beautiful paintings, writing, sculptures and other pieces of art can move a Metal Rabbit to tears.

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    intuitive tarot by nicholas pisces 2020 Intuitive tarot by nicholas pisces 2020
    intuitive tarot by nicholas pisces 2020 Intuitive tarot by nicholas pisces 2020
    intuitive tarot by nicholas pisces 2020 Intuitive tarot by nicholas pisces 2020
    intuitive tarot by nicholas pisces 2020 Intuitive tarot by nicholas pisces 2020
    intuitive tarot by nicholas pisces 2020 Intuitive tarot by nicholas pisces 2020

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