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Lewi, William Grant II (1902-1951)

So he had saved himself 30 years of life insurance premiums.

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He finally paid one premium and the insurance company had to pay off! Carl Payne Tobey recalls that he was told by folks in Tucson, Arizona where Lewi lived, that they thought he knew he was about to die. As well as the story about insurance, there were reports that he had refused to make any appointments for the month of August.

He told people "I'll consider it if I'm still here. He died on the morning of July 14th People were sure that he had been ready. It's said that he didn't use progressions or fixed stars - which information immediately recommends him to me! He was more concerned with the fact that it does.

I should try to emulate him in that respect myself, I guess.

Birth Chart Grant Lewi (Gemini) - Zodiac Sign Astrology

Their general attitude and style of writing occasionally appear dated, but that's to be expected. What they have to say can be refreshing and enlightening. Second-hand copies of their books are available for next to nothing at Amazon and Alibris. Posted by Twilight at Tuesday, July 24, I don't fancy copy typing the whole preface, Alex, and am not quite ready yet to sell my copy, but there appear to be some hard-backs like mine cheaply available via Amazon, published the year after mine or perhaps they are exactly the same - the front page illustration shown is the same as mine.

Long link, but it works if copy-pasted into our good friend Google. Post a Comment. Tuesday, July 24, A story about astrologer Grant Lewi.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Grant Lewi has become a legend. He was the lad who quit teaching English at Dartmouth and became an astrologer. He was not surprised when his Heaven Knows What became the best selling astrological book of the twentieth century. He expected it to be. He was a good story teller. His sense of humor was always working. There was a gleam of laughter in his eyes, and his personality was full of charm.

Grant Lewi did not use progressions. He did not use fixed stars. He found everything he wanted in the solar system.


He was a practical rather than theoreical astrologer. Gemini — the twins. Most days an ordinary fellow with a delicious sense of humor. On other days somewhat of a mystic. An individualist belonging to no cults or organizations. An opponent of the first atomic bomb. Concentrated on his work in a Greenwich Village apartment on one day, but was out exploring the mountains and desert of Arizona a few days later.

Taught English at Dartmouth.

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grant lewi astrologer Grant lewi astrologer
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